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Congratulations to the 2017 Scholarship Recipients

PSI-Website_Scholarship 2016Congratulations Paper Stock Industries Scholarship Winners of 2017!

One membership benefit of Paper Stock Industries and ISRI’s Recycling Research Foundation is to annually award four $1,500 scholarships to college students related to employees of PSI member companies.

Funding for the scholarships is raised through “funraising” events and direct contributions. To donate, click here.

Congratulations to our high school graduate winners of the PSI Scholarship! Also a very special thank you to all who participated in the donations to make these scholarships possible. We at Paper Stock Industries are very proud of our scholarship recipients. Read on to see their stories and goals:

Wynne Bracewell

Wynne Bracewell, daughter of William Michael Bracewell, document control at WestRock Paper mill in Dublin Georgia has a 4.0 GPA, is in the top 2% of her graduating class and serves in many school based clubs as well as community activities. She was a page in the Georgia House as a sophomore. She is a drum major, and has played in the Wind ensemble, the Jazz band and the brass band for 4 years. She serves her community locally in the choral group at church and is a youth volunteer at the local hospital in several departments including physical therapy.

Wynne plans to become a nurse. She will attend Samford University in Homewood Alabama in the fall.


L to R: Michael Bracewell (WestRock), Wynne Bracewell, John McCarthy (General Manager Dublin Facility-WestRock)

Caragan Thiel

Caragan Thiel, daughter of James Thiel, Procurement Manager at WestRock, achieved all grades over 90 in all 4 years of high school in Smyrna Georgia while studying in the IB program.

She is ranked 21 in her graduating class. Caragan participated in several school clubs and leadership activities including Model UN. Most impressive and in spite of a heavy workload at school is Caragan’s enthusiastic involvement in local and state politics. She has volunteered for the State Senator’s race and the presidential campaign as a field worker as well as social media and volunteer coordinator. She has worked for social justice organizations. According to Caragan’s student advisor she has ” extraordinary intelligence, passionate interest in world affairs and deep commitment to cultural empathy. She loves math, debate, French but what makes her stand out is that she gets involved and puts action to her political convictions.”

Caragan will attend George Washington University in Washington DC in the fall.


L to R: Jim Thiel (WestRock), Caragan Thiel, Shan Cooper (Chief Transformation Officer at WestRock )

Caroline Tweedy

Caroline Tweedy is an all-round outstanding student. She took a full course load of AP studies, 15 semesters.

She has been on the Principal’s Honor list for all her academic years at school and has been involved in various school organizations. Caroline ran cross country for 4 years, won the scholar athlete award from 10th to 12th grade, participated in community youth activities and has held leadership positions at her church. Caroline also has served in impoverished corners of other countries where she has participated in rural health care.

Caroline will attend Samford University in Homewood Alabama in the fall.


L to R: Tim Walsh (WestRock), Caroline Tweedy, Jason Tweedy (WestRock)

Zachary Webber

Zachary Webber, son of Harold Keith Webber, General Manager at WestRock Chattanooga Tennessee, graduated in the top 5% of his class at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences where he earned a 4.0 every semester of high school. He is a superior student, musician and athlete.

He has an outstanding ACT, played first and second chair violin in High School for four years, placed in the Science Olympiad three years in high school, played varsity soccer 4 years and was captain in his senior year, played regional soccer for 4 years as a starting center, played doubles tennis for 4 years and went to State, served his community all 4 years of high school as a volunteer, and worked as a youth soccer referee all four years of high school!

Zachary will attend the University of Kentucky in the fall.


L to R: Zachary Webber and Harold Keith Webber (WestRock)

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