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Don’t miss America Recycles Day, Nov. 15!

Time to celebrate America Recycles Day ~ Sunday, Nov. 15

America Recycles Day—this year on Sunday, Nov. 15—is a nationally recognized day for promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.

It’s a day when the recycling industry can advance the message that “Recycling Is Essential” in terms of its environmental, economic, and employment contributions, nationally and globally.

America Recycles Day

Did you know, for instance, that recycling operations supply 40% of manufacturers’ raw material needs (on average across all commodities), making them an essential part of critical manufacturers’ supply chain?

The recycling industry is also a leader in economic output, job creation, resource sustainability, energy savings, and global trade. For example, U.S. recycling and brokerage operations of the scrap industry directly support approximately 164,154 jobs and indirectly support an additional 367,356 jobs through suppliers and the indirect impact of the industry’s expenditures.

So however your company—and you!—decide to recognize America Recycles Day this year, you’ll help drive home the message that “Recycling Is Essential.” Thank you!


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