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PSI Chapter Welcomes Cascades as New Member

PSI Chapter Welcomes Cascades as Newest Member

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Founded in 1964, Cascades offers sustainable, innovative and value-added packaging, hygiene, and recovery solutions. Its product lines include trays, cup carriers, boxes, and a wide range of packaging for producers, wholesalers, and retailers. The publicly traded company, based in Kingsey Falls, Quebec, has 12,000 employees across more than 90 facilities in North America and Europe. Notably, Corporate Knights included Cascades on its latest list of the 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, making it the only containers and packaging company on the list and one of 12 Canadian firms.

In keeping with its sustainability efforts, the company introduced in June its Cascades Fresh line of products, which use recovered cardboard and plastics to offer eco-friendly, recycled, and 100% recyclable products to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging used in the produce sector. The products include trays made from a wide variety of materials and corrugated cardboard baskets, carriers, and boxes.

Cascades also seeks to build a circular economy by working with brand owners and packaging producers to design products with a positive end of life that can be returned as resources into the supply chain. Cascades Recovery+ is the company’s division that provides recovery solutions to partners throughout Canada and the Northeast U.S.

Gary Sexton of Cascades

Gary Sexton is the company’s key contact within the PSI Chapter. Gary has more than 30 years of experience in the papermaking and recovered paper markets. He has worked for Cascades for the past 31 years, currently serving as Vice President of Cascades Recovery+ based in Toronto.

 Learn more about Cascades at cascades.com and more on Cascades Recovery+ at recovery.cascades.com. Reach Gary Sexton at gary_sexton@cascades.com or (416) 984-2955.

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