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Welcome to the Paper Stock Industries Conference, also known as the PSI Summit.

The PSI Summit is an event targeted at paper recyclers, mill buyers, brokers and anyone working within the paper recycling industry to discuss relevant issues in our industry.

It’s purpose is to discuss and bring current specifications, share updated information, and to emphasize the importance of being a part of the Paper Stock Industries chapter and the benefits of membership for a given company.

At the Summit you can attend round table discussions that lead to voting on grade specifications and updating information as it has changed over the years. Also benefit from networking with industry peers, open forum sessions where all voices get a chance to be heard on latest industry issues that affect their business.

Paper recyclers, brokers, exporters, mill buyers—anyone associated with the paper recycling industry is welcome to attend.




The next year’s Summit is currently in the planning stage. Please check back later on our calendar for date, time and location details.

Feel free to view photos of past Summit events here.