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Letter From PSI Chapter President LEONARD ZEID

R letter out of paper

Recycled Paper “R”

In these trying times, it’s reassuring to know that ISRI and its chapters—including your PSI Chapter—are working diligently to protect our interests.

One current battle is getting recycling designated as an “essential industry” on the federal and state (and sometimes county) government levels, which would allow our facilities to continue operating through this COVID-19 crisis.

On the national level, ISRI succeeded in getting the Department of Homeland Security to update its guidance on essential critical infrastructure to specifically include recycling. That’s a great victory.

On the state level, chapters—including PSI—and their lobbyists are making the “essential industry” argument to state governors. So far, 11 states—Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin—have designated recycling as an essential business. To help chapters’ efforts, ISRI developed talking points to demonstrate why recycling is essential in times of emergency.

Without a doubt, your PSI Chapter and the other ISRI chapters are giving recyclers a voice—and an advocate—in all 50 states while also giving ISRI information to compile into helpful state resources for all members. (Click HERE for ISRI’s “COVID-19 State Business Resources.”)

ISRI also is working to ensure that our companies can benefit from the federal financial rescue package through such options as low-cost loans and deferred tax payments. What’s more, ISRI offers a wealth of safety and mental health guidance at isri.org to help our facilities continue operating while protecting our employees, customers, and communities.

It would be impossible to achieve these gains without ISRI on the national level and the chapters on the local, state, and regional levels. And that’s just part of the value you receive for your membership dues.

If you’re reading this update and aren’t an ISRI/PSI member, I hope this shows the value-added benefits you’re missing. For more information on joining ISRI and PSI, contact Brianna Gianti at bgianti@isri.org or (202) 662-8536.

Leonard Zeid
PSI Chapter

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