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PSI Welcomes merQbiz as Newest Member

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Founded in 2017, merQbiz® is a services and solutions provider for buyers and sellers in the recycling and recovered paper industries. The company’s offerings include customized solutions for bale quality, analytics, procurement, export and domestic transactional services, and claims support. Its BaleVision technology allows recyclers and mills to “see inside the bale” to generate a detailed analysis of a bale’s contents within minutes. The analysis notes the percentage and type of recovered fiber within the bale as well as its contaminants and moisture content. That information reveals the overall bale quality and can help mills improve the yield from their purchased recovered paper, establish more stable quality in their purchased fiber, and reduce both their raw material costs and their disposal costs for bale contaminants.

John Fox“BaleVision gives buyers the ability to measure quality and other parameters to give them visibility on their overall delivered cost,” says merQbiz President and CEO John Fox.

merQbiz is a joint venture of Voith and Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures based in the heart of Silicon Beach in Los Angeles. The company’s team is comprised of industry experts and digital innovators passionate about harnessing the power of technology and data to deliver transformative solutions for its customers.

Learn more about merQbiz at www.merqbiz.com, or contact the company at (855) 637-7249 or support@merqbiz.com.

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