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Midwest Paper Retriever Joins PSI Chapter

Midwest Paper Retriever

Midwest Paper Retriever (MPR) is a family owned and operated company that started in 2014 upon the acquisition of the Abitibi Paper Retriever program in the Chicagoland area. MPR, based in Joliet, Ill., is part of the Ward family of companies, which operates nine MRFs regionally in the Chicago, Memphis, Central Florida, and San Antonio markets. Several of those companies have been ISRI members for many years.

George Ward Jr.

George Ward Jr.

The Ward family began its business in the 1970s when Frank Ward Sr. purchased D&D Disposal. The company grew through the 1980s and branched out into the recycling business, creating Loop Recycling. The family sold its major hauling companies in the late 1990s but kept its recycling facilities. The company now specializes in the collection of recyclables that feed its facilities by operating FEL, RL, RO, tractor trailer, box truck, and bale route services at each site.

Learn more about Midwest Paper Retriever at www.312recycle.com. Direct questions about service or inbound pricing to George Ward Jr. (pictured) at gwardjr@recyclingit.com. For information on buying fiber from MPR’s plants, contact Jeff Godfrey at jgodfrey@recyclingit.com.



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