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Welcome New Member TemperPack

TemperPack Joins PSI Chapter

TemperPack manufactures packaging for industries that ship perishable items, including perishable food, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences. The company was founded in 2015 with a mission to offer a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam® to companies shipping temperature-sensitive food and medicines.


TemperPack prides itself on bringing high-performance, sustainable packaging solutions to scale. For example, its flagship ClimaCell® insulated box liners are made from renewable plant-based components and kraft paper, which allows them to be sorted like corrugated in MRFs and repulpable in paper mills.

The Richmond, Va.-based company has additional operations in Las Vegas, from which its more than 200 employees serve 100-plus customers. The company’s goal is to eliminate the need for 10 million pounds’ worth of plastic going into landfills in 2020.

Visit temperpack.com learn more, or contact Jed Dutton at jed.dutton@temperpack.com.

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