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News: Indonesia Seeks to Prevent Waste in Scrap Shipments

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Port container photo courtesy distel2610/pirabay

The Indonesian government plans to evaluate individuals who conduct preshipment inspections of imported nonhazardous scrap and revise its scrap import policies to prevent waste from being included in such scrap shipments, according to a recent article in the Jakarta Post.

Specifically, the government will evaluate the independent inspectors who are responsible for ensuring that nonhazardous scrap shipments to Indonesia do not contain other waste materials. Government officials reportedly found some imported scrap shipments in Surabaya, East Java, that contained up to 30 percent waste, the Jakarta Post says. Indonesia’s current scrap import policies allow shipments of nonhazardous plastics, metals, and paper, among other secondary materials.

Indonesia’s Trade Ministry also is proposing changes to the country’s 2016 regulation on nonhazardous scrap imports to “strengthen the verification of [scrap] imports as well as the harmonized system (HS) code used to identify the content of specific imports,” the Jakarta Post says.

For more information on these changes as they develop, contact Adina Renee Adler, ISRI’s Assistant Vice President of International Affairs, (202) 662-8514 or aadler@isri.org


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