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Important Message from PSI President, Sandy Rosen

Please read this important message about the 2016 ISRI convention in Las Vegas, April 3-7.


Members and Friends of ISRI Paper Stock Industries Chapter:

ISRI2016 – ISRI’s annual convention and exposition is only 4 weeks away.  Given the number of mailings and emails you’ve gotten, that’s probably not news to you.  But I hope that, even in these tough times, you’re planning to be in Las Vegas April 2-7.

If you’ve been to an ISRI show before, you know that this is a working event.  You have multiple opportunities for networking, for learning new processes, for gathering intelligence valuable to your company and more.  Besides all the other content, the convention has a track of sessions designed specifically for paper recyclers.

If you’ve not been before, this is a great time for you to start.  You’ll meet others facing the same challenges we face with markets, you’ll bring back tips and information that will allow you to improve your operations.  ISRI even has a first-timers session to help you make the most of the meeting.

ISRI’s exhibit hall gives you a chance to see equipment that can streamline operations and improve product quality.  It gives you a chance to consider strategic improvements that can help now and when markets heat up again.

In any case, it’s not hard to quantify the return-on-investment that comes to you from an ISRI convention.  Even in tough times – ESPECIALLY in tough times – the ISRI Convention is a great investment.

I know that the ISRI show isn’t free to attend, but there are ways to conserve costs while on the trip.  ISRI offers hotels as low as $65 a night.  There’s food and beverage available at nearly every event and that allows you to even turn eating into a networking opportunity.

Bottom line – I’m going to ISRI2016.  I hope to see you there.  To me, going to the ISRI convention is like going to the gym, you may not see the results after any one visit but if you go all the time, the results become evident.

Register and get your hotel rooms at www.ISRIConvention.org.

Sandy Rosen, PSI President



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