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Summit 2017: Have You Registered Yet?

Paper Stock Industries will host another “Specifications Summit” for the 3rd consecutive year! This year’s event will be held in New Orleans within the itinerary of the ISRI Convention.

Topics will include proposals to change/edit:

  • Synchronization of the rules for buy/sell guidelines for domestic and export transactions.
  • New guidelines for moisture measurement and acceptable levels
  • New guidelines for deductions and downgrades for scrap transactions
  • Proposed revisions for the definitions of Prohibitives and Outthrows
  • Other changes to the Preamble of the Specifications Circular


It is important to attend so you can “have a say” in these proposed changes to guidelines: Wednesday and Thursday. April 26-27, 2017.
Summit registration
Check out our website for hotel, travel and agenda information!


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