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Welcome New Member: Steinert


Steinert US (Walton, Ky.) is the North American subsidiary of Steinert GmbH (Koln, Germany), a global leader in consulting, manufacturing, installing, and servicing sensor-sorting and traditional magnetic separation technology. The company serves a variety of industrial applications, including metal recycling, residential/MSW recycling, mining, and ash slag.

For metal recycling operations, Steinert offers sorting and separation technology catered to ferrous and nonferrous shredded material, nonferrous scrap, cable/wire, and electronic scrap. Its technologies for those applications cover eddy-current nonferrous separators, magnetic drums with electromagnets or permanent magnets, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) line sorting systems, and color sorting units, among others.

Scott Jable

Scott Jable, business development manager, waste and recycling, for Steinert US, is the company’s key contact within the PSI Chapter, working from the Chicago area. Jable, a 24-year veteran of the recycling equipment industry, views himself as a “consultative partner” to customers, gaining an understanding of their operations to help them determine the best sorting and magnetic separation solutions for their processing needs.

Learn more about Steinert US at steinertus.com. Reach Scott Jable at 630-335-3247 or scott.jable@steinertus.com.


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